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Olympus Fisheye Body Cap Lens 9mm F8

The Olympus Fisheye Body Cap Lens 9mm F8 is a 9mm (18mm full-frame equivalent) manual focus prime lens for M43 cameras.


Brand Olympus Name Fisheye Body Cap Lens 9mm F8
Model V325040BW000 Release year 2014
Mount M43 Image Circle M43
Focal length 9mm Prime or zoom Prime
Maximum aperture 8 Minimum aperture 8
Groups / Elements 4 / 5 Diaphragm blades 0
Image stabilization
Weather resistant
Minimum focus distance 20 cm Maximum magnification 0.05x
Filter size n/a
Weight 30 Dimensions (L / ⌀) 12.8 / 56
Recommended price $99.99
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